Managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure of a business is a complex task that demands an equally sophisticated support strategy.

Having a strong onboarding process is important to keep the client, environment operations, setting goals, expectations, and team introductions. To ensure the performance of our client’s IT infrastructure, Surrey Geeks offers five key types of IT support that can be deployed to suit isolated needs or as part of an IT management strategy.

The ICT (Information and Communications Technology) infrastructure of a business is something that is often overlooked and developed in a general ad hoc manner. Whilst this approach means that the immediate needs of a business are met, it often results in long-term problems such as over-provisioning, siloed IT systems, and outdated hardware.

Onsite Geeks’ network consultancy services are ideal for companies who want to tap into the value-added benefits of a properly planned ICT infrastructure. When properly planned and implemented, ICT infrastructure can be a powerful business asset, improving productivity and ensuring continuity by providing an IT roadmap for the future so that issues such as aging hardware and new technologies can be seamlessly managed as part of a larger plan.