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social media marketing

Social Media Marketing services provided by the Onsite Geeks are among the most efficient ways to reach wider prospects and targeted customers. We market your business over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter– which makes your audience retain relevant information from your page, converting social media presence into sales.

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Our team of certified IT engineers and consultants manage all of our support services. We offer flexible hours including after-hours support and have a same day response guarantee. Our services are entirely scalable with a fixed monthly price.

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OnSite Geeks has 20 years of experience managing Business IT for Small to Medium Businesses.

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Your IT infrastructure is your business’ engine room. Concentrate on your business, let us take care of IT.



Our specialists work to resolve issues remotely or onsite depending on the task to resolve.



The first step that our social media team takes is in devising a strategy on how to proceed with social media marketing for your business. The goals are to increase the traffic, brand awareness, and to bring in more engagement and sales. The platforms for marketing are decided based on the values of your business. Lastly, the content that is posted on social media is created by keeping in mind the targeted audience as well as the end goal of your business, to gain a more engaged audience for your social media.

planning & publishing

The sharing of blogs, posts, or videos on social media platforms is known as the publishing of the content, and by being present on social media you create the opportunity for future customers to find you. Planning of content needs to be done ahead of the time, while making the content engaging, in order to expand the reach of your business. Make sure the time and frequency of the content posted on social media is synchronized.


With Listing and Engagement you learn about conversations surrounding your brand because when you are consistent on social media, users will start noticing your brand and tag you in posts. Keeping track of these activities is necessary, because if they are positive interactions they will help you, and if they are negative then there is always room for improvement. Listing and Engagement is highly efficient in keeping track of your social media presence.

analytics & advertisement

We use a wide range of social media analytical tools to keep track of in-depth analytics of your social media performance. The advertising aspect of social media will give you a wider landscape of audience to target, and you can specify for whom you want to display your ads. We can create targeted audiences based on demographics, behaviour, and interests.


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