Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Among the various strategies to maximize sales for your business, conversion rate optimization is crucial. Onsite Geeks offers you the highest rate of conversion and this is achieved because our team develops a website that is designed and formatted to work efficiently, while being a center of attraction for your target audience. When we optimize the rate of conversion, the leads and revenue automatically spike.

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Conversion Rate Optimization - Turn Your Visitor into Leads

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is a commonly used, effective and results-oriented strategy that is beng increasingly used by businesses to help their websites work intelligently and bring an increase in business revenue.

what is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of creating an experience for your website visitors that will convert them to customers. Conversions happen all over your website — on your homepage, your pricing page, your blog, and of course, landing pages — and you can actually optimize all of these conversions.

when should I do conversion rate optimization?

CRO should be an ongoing process of continually trying to refine and improve your website. Every month, at a minimum, you should aim to analyse the website, come up with some new testing hypotheses, and run a new test.

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call to action

We know, very well, the difference between normal and text-based CTAs and how they can influence the traffic of your business. Sometimes normal CTAs fail to get the desired amount of leads from blog posts. Our team ensures that a blog post has anchor text CTAs, so that there are more leads generated. In order to avoid any pitfalls in the future, our team members crucially follow every guideline which leads to a perfect rate of conversion.

user of workflows

By enabling workflow, we facilitate work, which in turn leads to more productivity within your business. At Onsite Geeks, the use of marketing automation can help increase the email marketing of your business because it will enable the automatic sending of informative emails to targeted customers. This aspect of optimization increases the conversion of targeted customers into potential leads.

test on landing page

Landing pages are an integral part of CRO, and we know their value because landing pages are the platform where all visitors have the potential to get converted into leads, with the potential for existing customers to get more involved with your business. To get the most from your landing pages, we carry out tests regarding the design and content in relation to audience appeal.

lead flows

Lead flows are another integral conversion rate optimization that can be added onto a website. Depending on what business you have, our team will select from a pop-up, slide-box or drop down banner, and decide which one will be best-suited.


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