Onsite Geeks provides 24/7 support & maintenance– even after the app is launched. Whenever you want help we are there for you. Simply contact us and we will solve all your queries. Moreover, we also ensure that your application runs smoothly and consistently by providing periodic maintenance and upgrades.


In the Content Management System, the administrator can set access privileges for each user, which means that certain users get access to edit documents, some get access to publish content, and others may have universal access. This restriction in access enhances the security feature of the website, meaning that only a certain number of people […]


With the use of a Content Management System, design gets separated from content– a major benefit that CMS offers. The differentiation of content and design gives the user the liberty to add or edit documents from the website design without possessing a lot of technical knowledge. It in turn leads to the increased productivity of […]


Usually, all the Content Management Systems are SEO friendly, which makes them compatible with the addition of adjustable URLs, metadata, and custom page titles. Content Management Systems being SEO friendly proves to be helpful in optimizing websites and increasing online presence– and if it has a third-party plugin it can also prove to be beneficial […]


Navigating the web can be risky and make you vulnerable to security attacks. With the Content Management System, data remains protected. Attackers can have a negative effect on the content, look, and feel of your website which can be protected with the Content Management System. It is always beneficial to work in a secured terrain […]


With the software of the Content Management System, the content on a website can be created and modified without the need for crucial technical knowledge. It aids in writing code for the website from the start, without needing expertise in the programming language field. CMS can handle all the basic requirements of the architecture of […]


Your e-commerce website design speaks to your business’ identity, therefore it should be a direct representation of what you want to convey to your customers. Our team of expert designers and developers works with client insight and creates a website that is user-friendly while still tending to client needs.


With the ever-evolving and developing business market, you need solutions that can be compatible with future expansions. At Onsite Geeks we provide you with the best scalable eCommerce solutions, which as a platform will help you with future expansions. In an era where expansions are happening every day, we believe in delivering our clients solutions […]


With the use of a Content Management System, the editing of content or code has become an easy task. One does not need to be a technical expert to edit. Adding pages or categories into a website is often built into a program. Even articles, blog posts, or banners can be easily modified. All of […]


In today’s world, where digitalization is taking place rapidly, the demand for mobile devices and tablets is increasing at the same pace. We take this into consideration and can present you with an e-commerce website that is compatible with all devices, mobile, laptops, tablets, etc. You also have control over how you want visitors to […]

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