The coronavirus pandemic has had an overwhelming impact on the lives–and livelihoods–of millions of people around the world. This has changed the way that businesses and consumers interact; instead of the buyer journey being about what the buyer wants, it’s become increasingly necessary to cater to what the consumer needs. creating engaging products


Satisfaction metrics don’t lie: buyers are focused more on their wellbeing and immediate needs and are looking for businesses that show empathy, care, and concern. 


Businesses looking to adapt to these changes, and provide customer experience and products that are also adapted, are essential in order to survive in this new post-pandemic reality. 


Here are some key takeaways from recent purchasing trends.


Think Value, Not Price

Consumers have made the recent shift toward value-based purchasing, focused more on what a product can bring them and the time and effort it can save rather than on getting the lowest price possible. With online shopping at an all-time high, this means that sellers looking to market their products need to underscore clearly the value their product provides to the consumer. Customers will pay a higher price for an item that meets their needs and elevates their customer experience.


Focus on Customer Service

Whatever the product is, with the increase in isolation and digital “coldness” often injected into market interactions, consumers are hungry for caring, available, compassionate service. They don’t want to sit on hold for hours on the phone only to be told in a clipped tone that nothing can be done to help or support them. Make client care a priority and publicize that when offering your product. Make sure your potential customers know that when they buy your product, they also get warm, friendly, helpful support for all their needs.


Offer Health and Wellbeing products ( Creating engaging products)

Mental health and wellness are at the forefront of consumers’ minds and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Society is thirsty for opportunities to foster healthy habits and support their mental and emotional wellbeing as well as their physical fitness. Offering on-demand products and services centered on these tenets will add value (remember that’s important!) to consumers and attract a lot of traffic.


Cater to the Remote Reality

Public transit use is down, outings are rarer, and remote work (and learning) are still prevalent for large chunks of the population. In other words, people are staying put and spending a lot more time close to home. That being said, creating engaging products that add value to home spaces and families is an enticing market that is worth tapping into. People are looking to improve their physical home environment, indoors and outdoors; create more distinct boundaries between home and workspaces, and are prioritizing at-home services and products for leisure. There is also an increase in pet adoptions, proving that consumers are investing more time and money into creating a cozy home life, including pets.


Target Health Concerns

Everywhere you look, people are concerned with getting and staying healthy through mask-wearing, disinfecting, sterilizing, and hygiene practices. Tap into that new behavior pattern by tailoring your offerings toward health-conscious trends. These patterns extend to things like telemedicine, healthy eating and incorporating more exercise to boost the immune system, providing lots of great openings for products or services in this arena.


Make Connections

In an increasingly digital world, where we’ve become a cashless society that spends more time on social media and digital platforms than we do with people in real life, the demand for connection is massive. Consumers crave social connections and interactions to a new degree in response to the lockdowns and remote work realities that they have had to deal with. Products that allow for more natural social interaction and help overcome the feelings of isolation that are so prevalent go a long way in adding value to the lives of consumers.


All these behavior pattern changes and new trends mean that consumers have new priorities and have developed needs that aren’t always being met by current offerings. Staying relevant and creating engaging products starts with taking the pulse of consumers where they are.


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